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About Us

RIVAGE was born at the same place where the first civilization emerged at the Dead Sea legendary and mystically rich reservoir of beauty and health elements.

From ancient times, the rich mineral muds
and salts of the shores and waters of the
Dead Sea have been celebrated for their
remarkable effect on the skin. They help
clarify, stimulate, nourish and moisturize
your skin, resulting in a fresher, healthier
and more youthful appearance,  lasting forever.

Today, RIVAGE experts have harvested the beneficial elements of the wonderful Dead Sea waters and muds to provide you with a full range of products. Day and night, your skin, hair and body are cared for perfectly by our RIVAGE dead sea products .

RIVAGE is a registered trademark of Al-Mawared Natural Beauty Products Corporation. The corporation was established in 1996, and currently has a working capital of 6,000,000 US$, and a total workforce of 58 people.

The Plant

Located in the Amman Industrial State, with a total area of approximately 6000 sqm. The design of the plant is in accordance with the GMP standards. The plant is environmentally controlled, through the hipa-filtration, which produces a positive and filtered, pressured air. In addition, the plant is equipped with the most advanced machinery of its kind in the region. The machines are tailor made, and contains the latest technologies to produce efficiently high quality products. Our plant produces the best Dead Sea beauty minerals using the latest technologies.

Research & Development

Dedicated and creative, aiming to continually bring forth high quality products, that matches the consumers needs, for today and tomorrow. Our R&D division is equipped with a state-of the-art labs, and is assessed with the consultation of British and French companies, specializing in the field of health care products. Finally, the items produced by the R&D division have never been tested on animals.

Hesham Qoblan

Einige können alleine arbeiten, aber wenn verwendet von den Erfahrungen anderer erzielten Erfolge

- große Unternehmen in Worten

Contact Us

Office Team

Andrea (Manager)

+49 1634289524

Amer (Coordinator)

+49  1725117886



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